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Are you a growing small business or not-for-profit in Dorset seeking bid, tender and short-term business support? Then you have come to the right place. Welcome!

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Leading-edge bid and tender writing

“I grew up in a small business family in Dorset and understand the anxiety of investing in external business support to win more work and grow. That’s why we use our 30+ years of knowledge and experience working in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to help ambitious small businesses and not-for-profits in Dorset to grow and thrive as quickly as possible.”

Sarah Powell, Director

How can we help you Grow and Thrive?

We provide business support in Dorset – flexible, reliable and successful bid and tender services – from market research and bid reviews through to bid writing and management.

We understand how busy your growing business is, so will work alongside you to provide critical business skills as and when you need them.

Bid & Tender Reviews

Improve Your Chance for Funding Success. Is your proposal detailed enough to capture the funder’s attention? Let us help you perfect your bids and tenders. We will critically review your written proposals, compare them to the funding requirements, and suggest changes that will enhance your chances of securing funding. With our quick turnaround time, we can assist you even as you approach tight deadlines.

Professional Bid Writing
As your organisation grows, so do your bid writing requirements to secure constant contracts and funding. However, you might not be able to justify a full-time resource just yet. That’s where we come in. We offer offer end-to-end bid writing process, from understanding the proposal and your information, to planning your approach and creating a compelling proposal, and finally, managing the stakeholders and meeting multiple deadlines. Let us handle your bid writing needs with professionalism and expertise.
Bid Research Service
Stay Ahead of Funding Opportunities. As a growing small business or not-for-profit you don’t have time to constantly search for new funding opportunities or contracts. The multiple tender / funding portals and eligibility criteria can be overwhelming. Let us provide this service for you. Our bid research service delivers real-time, eligibility-checked funding and tender opportunities straight to your inbox, aligned with your tender strategy. Whether you need a one-off service or ongoing support, we’ve got you covered.
Market Research & Intelligence
Uncover New Markets and Collaborations. In today’s interconnected world, the potential to expand beyond your current customer base is greater than ever. As a growing organisation you want to look beyond your current customers. Our market research and intelligence services can help you analyse your existing market, identify potential new markets and collaborations, highlight future developments and pinpoint influential industry leaders. Stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive insights.
Business Support Service
Running a growing organisation often requires you to wear many hats. However, it’s essential to ensure that you don’t spread yourself too thin, neglecting crucial aspects of your business. As the ‘Swiss army knife’ of the Dorset business support world’ we can provide critical short-term support tailored to your organisation’s needs. From prospecting and marketing to coaching, HR, continuous improvement, project management and data protection – we’re here to help you keep moving forward.
Project Management
Ensure On-Time, On-Budget and On-Scope Delivery. Project management brings structure and calm to any project, be it a sales event, new product launch, internal improvement initiative or marketing campaign. We can help smooth the way with a clear timetable, activities list, risk management and stakeholder management plan led by an experienced project manager and facilitator, helping your project complete on time, within budget and according to scope.

Business Support

Are you a Dorset organisation needing short-term business support?

Sometimes, you need immediate business help without going through unnecessary processes. You simply want a professional who understands your needs and can work quickly. Alongside bid and tender writing, we offer short-term critical business support, including research, case studies, market intelligence, marketing and project management.

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Case Studies

Check our Business, Public and Not-for-Profit Case Studies

Our experience working in the public, private and charitable sectors of Dorset means that we can add value whatever sector you are operating in.

We can seek out customers, money, visibility, promotion, structure, value and improvements for your organisation. Check out some example case studies to show how we work.

Case Studies


Sarah’s ability to research, investigate and uncover key sector information quickly is a real skill, and vital for a growing company like ours

Emma Mahy, CEO, IoT Solutions Group Ltd

Sarah and I created a marketing Video on the topic of ISO/IEC 27001. Working together was a lot of fun and pleasant. She was very co-operative, and it turned out that her calming voice was the perfect match for our Video

Fridolin Leibetseder, Chief Information Security Officer, x-tention gmbH

Thank you for today’s social media post review meeting. In fact, thank you for all the review meetings. I always find them inspiring.

Sue Melia, Founder, Netconsult Online

Thanks for the charity project report it’s great, don’t what I would do without you.

Charmaine Beckles, Trustee, It’s All About Culture (IAAC) charity