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Developing a digital eco-system in Dorset

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Creating a digital technology ecosystem for Dorset, one Business Case at a time


This Public Sector case study focuses on the support Triple Yellow has provided to the BCP Towns Fund. It starts with Boscombe Bournemouth, an area in need of regeneration despite receiving improvement funding over the past 15 years. The BCP Towns Fund team asked us to create a unique Business Case for Boscombe, to tackle regeneration in a novel way. It would be a Business Case that, if funded, would give residents and local businesses the opportunity to embrace, create and benefit from a new digital and creative technology ecosystem.

Research and Involving People

To start, we did desktop research to learn about Boscombe’s current situation. We discovered incredible creative and tech businesses in the area and important people who have a stake in Boscombe, and brought them together to discuss how we can create a Business Case that could change Boscombe’s future.

Government Green Book Business Case Development

We took charge of building the Business Case according to the government’s Green Book rules. This involved writing, reviewing, and checking the financial aspects with external auditors. We also made sure to involve important people and organizations who would play a big role in the project, and we used national and local strategy documents to support our case for support. We then also created important documents like a Risk Register, four-year development plan, Environmental Impact Analysis, Current State market analysis, and briefings for decision-makers.

Results and Impact

Most importantly, we created a £1m Business Case that everyone bought into and that was unanimously approved for funding. Boscombe now has a Digital Skills, Innovation and Learning Hub at the Royal Arcade that will help the residents of Boscombe envisage a new future and local businesses benefit from key digital development support.

Case study - Public Sector - Creating a digital technology ecosystem for Dorset, one Business Case at a time

We invite you to be a part of this incredible success story and the benefits it brings to Boscombe.

By supporting the Digital Skills, Innovation, and Learning Hub, you can help create a thriving digital and creative technology ecosystem. Let’s work together to make a brighter future for Boscombe, where innovation will drive growth and improve the lives of residents and businesses.

If you are a local Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole tech business please get in touch.


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