Flexible hands-on expert


Short-term critical business support is quite hard to find

When you need a flexible hands-on expert, someone to create social media posts one week, then write bid documents for a contract tender the next month, then project manage a trade fair attendance later in the year, together with creating promotional case studies from the customers’ viewpoint … the list goes on. You and your team don’t have the time / expertise to do it all, and you don’t have the funds to hire full-time.

Let us give you an example of where we have provided short-term critical support to a growing small business over the past three years.

Designed mainly for smaller security installation and management companies, TetherX is a platform and IoT gateway that securely ‘tethers’ physical security devices (CCTV cameras, ANPR cameras, access door sensors etc.) at multiple locations and makes them easy to monitor, manage and maintain on a single dashboard and remotely via an app at the touch of a button.

We originally started working with them in response to their new investors requiring quick turnaround times for key growth tasks.

Since then we have provided:

  • Security market research to identify new expansion markets, sectors and trade events
  • Written processes for manufacturing, quality checks and sales
  • LinkedIn research to identify and follow key movers and shakers in the market, including competitors
  • Support for trade fairs, promoting the company with new marketing materials
  • Content support for a promotional video
  • Case studies that speak to and show the benefits to each market sector
  • Relationship-building with key security partners to promote the product
  • Tender writing for a challenge funding pot
  • Visits to customers to understand their needs
  • ISO 9001 documentation
  • Team gathering to map the future

Some tasks lasted a couple of days, others a couple of months. The company pulled on us when they needed a flexible hands-on expert.

After a recent break of just over six months we have been recently contacted again for short-term support, which we will happily give (subject to capacity of course!)

Short-term critical business support is quite hard to find in Dorset. Contact us if you need a flexible hands-on expert


Sarah’s ability to research, investigate and uncover key sector information quickly is a real skill, and vital for a growing company like ours

Emma Mahy, CEO, IoT Solutions Group Ltd

Sarah and I created a marketing Video on the topic of ISO/IEC 27001. Working together was a lot of fun and pleasant. She was very co-operative, and it turned out that her calming voice was the perfect match for our Video

Fridolin Leibetseder, Chief Information Security Officer, x-tention gmbH

Thank you for today’s social media post review meeting. In fact, thank you for all the review meetings. I always find them inspiring.

Sue Melia, Founder, Netconsult Online

Thanks for the charity project report it’s great, don’t what I would do without you.

Charmaine Beckles, Trustee, It’s All About Culture (IAAC) charity