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Dorset Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster

Dorset is home to a vibrant and growing engineering and manufacturing ecosystem, with around 2,000 businesses in the sector in Dorset employing 28,000 people (8% of all employed and delivering over 9& of the Dorset economy).

If you are an engineering and/or manufacturing company in Dorset and join Dorset Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster (Dorset EMC) you will access support, information, events, funding opportunities and new local supply chains.

The Cluster supports engineering and manufacturing in Dorset, creates opportunities to collaborate, create and innovate with each other, industry partners, schools, colleges and universities.
For those looking for a local engineering and manufacturing company Dorset EMC has a free online directory to look through.


Sarah’s ability to research, investigate and uncover key sector information quickly is a real skill, and vital for a growing company like ours

Emma Mahy, CEO, IoT Solutions Group Ltd

Sarah and I created a marketing Video on the topic of ISO/IEC 27001. Working together was a lot of fun and pleasant. She was very co-operative, and it turned out that her calming voice was the perfect match for our Video

Fridolin Leibetseder, Chief Information Security Officer, x-tention gmbH

Thank you for today’s social media post review meeting. In fact, thank you for all the review meetings. I always find them inspiring.

Sue Melia, Founder, Netconsult Online

Thanks for the charity project report it’s great, don’t what I would do without you.

Charmaine Beckles, Trustee, It’s All About Culture (IAAC) charity

Dorset Engineering and Manufacturing Cluster